Me, thats me. Not proud of it, not sad of it. But that’s just sums up me. Could be a good thing to entertain the other party but bad thing if… I dont know what the fuck is happening to them. So yeah trying to keep the conversation alive, thats how i do it. You used to like it cause you said “im annoyingly cute”. But my intentions are now to keep it alive yeah? If not you’re just gonna have a bad moody day cause you’ll end up saying “you neglected me” (maybe a little exaggerating but you get the point). So yeah, you shut me off so i asked you “whats up?”… You said you were tired. Really? Just tired? Then why dont you just rest and sleep? If you were tired you usually do that. So now you are “tired” still online and in the social network and all, thats not tired. And im so confuse with you. You will be moody but sometimes you are tired, then its not because of you are tired, its because of something else and you expect me to know? I don’t know what i did, well i do know some and we talked about it before but now, i just couldnt get you. Well my annoying ness is really getting on your nerves aye, but who else can i be? Im not cool and that shit. Im so fucking goofy and nerdy. And you want that funny, cool talk that you like, but im so sorry that i cant really be that guy. Im just sorry. Im just… annoying